04 – How To Win A Bar Fight – Chapter 12


  1. Threats
  2. Non-lethal Strangulation
  3. Graphic Descriptions of Corpses
  4. Description of Impromptu Autopsy
  5. Aftereffects of Lethal Poisoning
  6. Darth Vader
  7. Graphic Descriptions of Interrogation
  8. Graphic Descriptions of Non-consensual Mind-Reading/Mind Rape
  9. Seizure Symptom Imagery
  10. Darth Vader
  11. Graphic Descriptions of Murder
  12. Graphic Descriptions of Blood and Gore
  13. Graphic Descriptions of Body Horror
  14. Body Bags
  15. Darth Vader’s Attitude

Welcome to The Essential How-To Guide for the Engineering Jedi, written by Jackdaw_Kraai and read by Sam Gabriel! This story is serialized in the form of multiple fics with different names, recorded and presented in order on this feed. All text can be found on ao3. My website can be found at http://samgabrielvo.com. Enjoy!