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Original Fiction

The Heart-Tree

By M. J. Bradley

8 Hours
Status: Available for Sale

In the shadow of the Heart-Tree, Anastagus the Truthseeker falls to the sway of the Spider; in her name, he seeks the ruination of all he once loved. For Azaki, outcast of the Clan of the Webbed Pit, this is a chance to prove himself. Anastagus’s mad companion, Kogodakus, will lead Azaki and his sworn friends south to burn the Heart-Tree’s groves and seize glory.

But, cast adrift among his clan’s ancient foes and gifted their strange power, Azaki finds less to hate in soft, southern lands than he expected.

Yet Anastagus comes south regardless. And Azaki is still sworn to his service.

Strangers in Boston

By T. S. Mann

Sometimes, when you see something strange, you have to choose. Do you ignore it and put it out of your mind? Or acknowledge it, and perhaps become a little bit stranger yourself from the experience? But then, on a rare occasion, you might see something BEYOND strange, something that utterly violates the natural order. And then, your choice is more serious and the repercussions more severe. Do you ignore what’s in front of you and hope it doesn’t kill you in your willful blindness? Or do you accept the truth of what you’ve seen and, in the process, become something TRULY strange.


Alexandra Quick

By Inverarity

110 hours, 53 minutes
Status: Recording and Editing Book 6

The war against Voldemort never reached America, but all is not well there. When 11-year-old Alexandra Quick learns she is a witch, she is plunged into a world of prejudices, intrigue, and danger. Who wants Alexandra dead, and why?

Seventh Horcrux

By Emerald Ashes

9 hours, 20 minutes
Status: Complete

The presence of a foreign soul may have unexpected side effects on a growing child. I am Lord Volde…Harry Potter. I’m Harry Potter. In which Harry is insane, Hermione is a Dark Lady-in-training, Ginny is a minion, and Ron is confused.

A Cadmean Victory

By M. J. Bradley

44 hours, 55 minutes
Status: Complete, Sequels Pending

In the aftermath of a peaceful summer comes the Goblet of Fire and the chance of a quiet year to improve himself, but Harry Potter and the Quiet Revision Year was never going to last. A more mature, darker Harry, bearing the effects of 11 years of virtual solitude. Goblet of Fire AU. There will be romance… eventually.

Meet the Skywalkers

By frodogenic

5 hours, 56 minutes
Status: Complete

Newly returned from the Unknown Regions with Darth Vader, Admiral Piett doesn’t expect much of a welcome from the New Republic. And not in a million lifetimes would he have predicted that their very first guest would be Luke Skywalker. After all, Skywalker and Vader are still mortal enemies…right?

Saiyajin Genesis

By Ashnod

3 hours, 15 minutes
Status: Complete

The world is at peace after the defeat of Majin Buu, but within Buruma, wife of the Saiyajin Prince, there is only unrest and self-doubt. Armed with the powers of science, determination, and spite, she goes to extreme and irrevocable lengths to become the woman she believes her husband truly desires, and is forever changed in ways she could never have expected.

The story that got me into fanfiction.

Civil Wars, Whistleblower Tactics, Schematic Drafting, and the Finer Points of Sith Adoption: The Essential How-To Guide for the Engineering Jedi

By Jackdaw_Kraai

69 hours, 9 minutes
Status: Current

The mighty flagship of the Imperial Navy has a new Head Engineer, hand picked by Supreme Commander Darth Vader. His name is Luke Lars.

They say that Darth Vader has no heart, that the Empire and its Emperor are eternal, that the Jedi are dead and gone, and that nothing will ever change.

But engineers exist to solve problems.

Inspected by No. 13

By Clell65619

1 hour, 39 minutes
Status: Complete

When he learns that flying anywhere near a Dragon is a recipe for suicide, Harry tries a last minute change of tactics, one designed to use the power of the Bureaucracy forcing him to compete against itself. Little does he know that his solution is its own kind of trap.

There is Nothing to Fear

By Salticidae

Tom Riddle was sorted into Gryffindor.

Death holds no fear for him.

A dramatically different history of events will unfold, changing everything about the wizarding world.

Bringer of Death

By npberryhill and davidstarlingm

During Vegeta’s last stand against Frieza, the Prince of Saiyans ascends, becoming the first Super Saiyan of his era. History has been re-written…but to what degree?

The Desert Storm


In Tatooine legend, the sandstorm is Lukka, the Fury, both cleansing and damning. Lukka, the slaves believed, was Justice, was he who remade the world, and remade the soul.

The storm screams at him, and Obi-Wan Kenobi screams back.

Four years after Order 66 and the fall of the Jedi Order, a grieving, struggling Ben Kenobi finds himself inexplicably taken back in time.

The Road to Hell


A better prepared Harry never faces Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest. Six years of fighting follow that costly choice. His inevitable defeat does not leave him dead and buried, but stranded in a strange world ruled by Dumbledore, Grindelwald, and their greater good.

The Secret Language of Plants

By Endrina

One night, Severus Snape pays a visit to Number 4, Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey. Soon afterwards, he arrives at the door of Remus Lupin, a half-asleep toddler in his arms.

Flashbangs and Frag Grenades

By Calchexxis

A tale of villainy, mad romance, and high explosives. Stars cross as Luxanna Crownguard crosses paths with Jinx, the Loose Cannon of Zaun, and from that spark, a flame ignites that threatens to consume all of Runeterra. Some souls find each other across spans of time, space, and even reality itself. From the plains of Demacia and High Silvermere to the spires of Piltover and the chasms of Zaun, these words echo forth:

I will find you in every breath and every life and every death. I will find you in every single dream.

In the Bleak Midwinter

By TheLoud

After escaping from Merope in London and fleeing back to Little Hangleton, Tom Riddle had thought he was free of witches. He wasn’t expecting yet another witch to turn up on his doorstep. This one seems different, but she too smells of Amortentia. Can he trust her when she tells him that she has brought him his baby from a London orphanage?

When the Roses Bloom Again

By Lee McCusker

With Sirius dead, Harry seizes an unexpected opportunity to save his godfather, only to find himself in more trouble than he could have imagined. Arriving in 1930s Britain, he now must navigate a new world, and a different threat still with Voldemort’s emergence on the horizon. But first, there was a greater war he must face, and a new foe; a Dark Lord he knew not.

The First of a Dynasty

By Emperor_Myrcalus

Luz, now the Empress of the Boiling Isles, has been jaded from years of war, and is trying to reestablish order so her coming child might have a safe world to grow up in.


By fezzador

Hermione Granger hopes to meet some children who can overlook her studious and slightly bossy nature. On the train to school, she comes across a boy reading a science fiction novel, and soon finds they have similar interests. It doesn’t take her long to discover that the talented Kellen Grimseth is very, very different than any boy she’s ever known… magical or Muggle.

Jorōgumo: You Can’t Go Home Again

By shotgunQueeny

Beaten down by the world and told that she is a worthless freak, Midoriya Hazamu knows two things about herself. She is a Girl and she wants to be a Hero! as much as life will try to cut her down for living true to herself she knows that it’s at least worth it to try….

After all, her mother always said….

With Great Power, comes Great Responsibility.

The World According to Lizzie Weasley

By Harmony Sparks

After a few years at her American school, put in useless classes that don’t teach her anything, Lizzie Weasley is sent to spend the year at Hogwarts with distant relatives in England as per the wishes of her late biological father. While the English Wizarding community is far more complex and difficult to navigate, with traditions and beliefs she struggles to understand, Lizzie would be content just to make it through the year, and not get pulled into a war against a genocidal murder cult.

The Shadow of Death

By Darkened Void

Harry Potter seemingly disappeared that night in 1981. Presumed dead, the world continued on without him and allowed Voldemort’s return mostly unopposed. When he is finally found the game of the gods begins to come to its finale. The world will shake under their combined might. Can Harry prevent all from becoming dust?

A Family Man’s Tale

By Tranquil_Tevene

We all know the story of how the Dursleys treated Harry abysmally. But what if, this time, that’s not entirely the case? Introducing Uncle V, a man who will go to any lengths protecting his nephew.

Lily and the Art of Being Sisyphus

By The_Carnivorous_Muffin

As the unwitting personification of Death, reality exists to Lily through the veil of a backstage curtain, a transient stage show performed by actors who take their roles only too seriously. But as the Girl-Who-Lived, Lily’s role to play is the most important of all, and come hell or high water play it she will, regardless of how awful Wizard Lenin seems to think she is at her job.

Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin

By The Sinister Man

Harry Potter was Sorted into Slytherin after a crappy childhood. His brother Jim is believed to be the BWL. Think you know this story? Think again.